The system is perfect for young players and all-round comfort as the 'Uno' PAQ (vest) weights less than 0.7 kilogram (1.6 lbs) and the optional 'Duo' PAQ weight is under a kilo at 0.9 kg (2 lbs).

(pictured is the optional Duo PAQ)


Modular & easy to stylize

The standard PAQ transforms into the respective team color by the internal glowing LEDs.  Operators who want a more traditional vest look can choose the optional 'Duo' PAQ with its additional shoulder sash. Both the Uno and Duo PAQ can be worn over either the left or right shoulder to create your own gaming style.


Programmable with PAQ-DOT

tiny data button



Robust Commercial product

Almost that strong :)


RGB - Full colour

Internal LEDs are turned on within the PAQ to  flash in up to 7 different colors. This rainbow of choice is standard within every PAQ.

(pictured with optional Duo Sash in a variety of fixed colors)



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