The Blaster

Players' weapon of choice - players carries their Blaster to aim and shoot at their targets. TheBlaster contains the brain - optional extras such as 

bodyand head targets are not required to play the game, as opposed to traditional laser tag. The built in game feedback features make VEQTORs Laser Tag the closest system to augmented reality - interlacing the physical and virtual worlds together!


Body Amour

Worn by players to maximise their target area

VEQTORs plug and play system allows players to mix and match their amour based on ability and age

- not all players may choose to wear body targets in the same game

- only laser tag system offering such flexibility






In Game Devices

Ammo Reloaders

Device which players can use mid-game to collect more ammunition

Medi Health Re-Energiser

Device which players can use mid-game to re-gain life when they have been tagged to many times

Bonus Target

Devices hidden around the play arena which players can tag to recieve bonus points


Device which when tagged is detonated and destroys players within range

Team Head Quarters

Device which can be distroyed by opposing team when tagged, used in games such as last man standing