WIRELESS (wi-fi) PAQ - Pairs instantly with any MAXBlaster

Space age style design in durable propylene

RGB LEDs with 8 LED colour options 

Red ● Blue ● Green ● Yellow ● Aqua ● Pink ● White ● Stealth

Makes switching from Blaster only to traditional Blaster-Jacket Laser Tag fast and efficient

* There is no need to buy a system with a body target. For quick operation players can just pick up the Blaster and you are ready to go! The scoring objectives are controlled within the Blasters where players just need to score as many points as they can, by firing at the oppositions flashing Blasters.




JacketJacket Kid

Wired or Wireless Jackets - One of the lightest jacket on the market only 1.6 lbs (0.75kg)!

 Edgy tech style design in durable real leather

 8 available colours to link to team colours or neutral tones to mix and match 

red ● blue ● green ● yellow ● brown ● khaki ● black ● grey

*custom colours available for orders of over 40 jackets

 RGB LEDs with 8 team colour options

red ● blue ● green ● yellow ● aqua ● pink ● white ● stealth 

 One size fits all design, with adjustable straps

 3 hit zones provide 360º degree sensitivity; FRONT ● SHOULDER ● BACK





The POD - hostile and friendly fire both

Battery powered wireless POD’s (Programmable Ordnance Device) that can be set as:

mines ● re-energisers ● medic ● ammo ● base ● targets ● headquarters