Mid-range Infrared (XBlaster) or RF (MAXBlaster) based laser system for basic outdoor combat simulation with built in scoring module.



It is 'BLASTER ONLY' - there is no need for a traditional vest (a lightweight harness can be added as an option if you want a full 360 degrees hitting range)

Inside this smart blaster are located all the laser tag game elements like electronic brain, providing you with:

  • Strong IR light emitter reaching distances of up to 150 feet outdoor (60 feet indoor)
  • IR sensors to receive hits from opposition
  • Real time player scores
  • Speaker delivering real time audio game feedback
  • Flashing coloured lights
  • Latest technology Li-ION (Lithium Ion) integrated rechargeable batteries
  • Lightweight Blasters of 0.6 Kilo (1 lbs 3 oz) but durable to withstand hard conditions
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Batteries fully charged will last over 10 hours of continuous play and have a long reliable life
  • Programable shots, lives, rounds, game time, shields, etc.
  • Supports VEQTOR's mobile wireless target devices POD's
  • 2 Handed safety feature stops players from swinging Blaster around potentially injuring other players
  • Does not require computer to operate
  • 12 Month warranty
  • Optionally indoor and outdoor use
  • Optionally integrated cosmetic laser directional pointer
  • Optional stock extension and sight
  • Optional MAXBlaster upgrade Features include:
    • RF (Radio Frequency) to a central control for controlling each game style 
    • RF reaches distances of up to 410 feet (125 meters) line of sight
    • Players scores updated to central control in real time
    • Thermal printed scores can be given to each player at end of game
    • A 2 team LED scoreboard display
    • Vibration motor integrated for player feedback
    • Grenade launchers
    • Ammo re-loaders
    • Multi-lingual options
    • Supports up to 8 teams
    • Supports up to 2 consecutive games of up to 42 players in each




Fun at Yogi Bear Campgrounds

Campsites all over Europe and the United States are using VEQTOR's XBlaster Laser Tag to bring excitement and additional revenue to their attraction. Click here to see XBlasters in action at Yogi's. http://www.jellystonemaryland.com/lazer-tag




Skirmish colours

Available in three (3) skirmish colors:
- Jet Black
- Combat Olive
- Halo Grey

Stock extension is an option.



Ready in 2 minutes

Ready to use and make money straight out of the box in 2 minutes from delivery.

No setup or installation required.



Durable & Safe

Each XBlaster has a solid state trigger (no moving parts) and is equipped with two handed safety interlock to prevent players from waving the blaster around. Our lightweight design and a rubber nose cone make a large improvement on safety.


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