VEQTOR technology adds an extra dimension to roller-car Dark Rides with interactive, themed gaming throughout the experience.


Transform your old cart ride with VEQTOR's laser blasters and targets to thrill and entertain along the route.

VEQTOR can transform old ghost trains or cart rides with its XBlasters and targetsfor a truly interactive experience. Your customers will want to go on the dark ride again and again to test their shooting skills whilst in a moving cart.


If you need sounds, lights, music and fully immersive interactive fun for your dark ride, talk to VEQTOR.

We have several years' experience working with dark ride installations to add laser shooting for passengers, themed decor and sound and lighting media to fit a diverse range of specifications. 
Let us help you to bring 'live' theatre to make your Dark Ride a truly memorable experience.

 Walk Through Galleries

Two type of gallery system are available: Traditional stand and shoot; or walk through shooting gallery adventures.


A Variety of Target Styles are available

Shooting gallery attractions can feature very simple illuminated targets, or themed targets connected to sound effects and animation controllers.



Customised Sound Effects

We can provide all the sound and media effects, or you can supply them to us to integrate into the system.



Dark Rides

See how simple it could be to update your cart ride into a whole new attraction