VEQTOR - Reinventing Laser Gaming

VEQTOR stays ahead of the pack with new laser-gaming device


Once again, VEQTOR is bringing a fresh new approach to the laser gaming market with an affordable add-on which gives a diverse range of new game features.

2004 - VEQTOR reinvents the traditional military image of laser tag with XBlasters - a fun new gun-only system suitable for both young and old
2007 - VEQTOR leads the field with the introduction of wireless laser tag
2011 - VEQTOR brings you the POD (Programmable Ordnance Device) - a device that will be whatever you want it to  be in the field of laser combat
Don't wait for the rest of the gamers out there to catch up - call us today to discuss how inexpensively you can transform your laser tag attraction.


The POD - hostile and friendly fire

The programable ordnance device (POD) can be added to a VEQTOR Blaster system at any time. 

This wireless device works as either a target in your game-play arena, or as a piece of 'body armour'. In both circumstances, the POD can be programmed to be either hostile, or friendly. By this, we mean the device can be used to work as many things - from mines, health (first aid point regeneration), grenades, as well as being able to be worn by players in a way similar to the traditional laser tag ‘vest’. 



The POD is the perfect add-on to keep your clients interested and to support return business. Standing out from your competitors will ensure you get both new customers and the ongoing loyalty of your regulars.



Operating the POD as a ‘vest’ is different to the traditional laser tag ‘vests’. VEQTOR has introduced a whole new level of challenging game play with the POD. 

POD’s can be worn on player's backs using a VEQTOR shoulder strap. If a player's POD gets hit then the POD sends out an IR (Infra Red) grenade signal to all surrounding players. Those surrounding players will get hit (lose a life and points, similar to when they are hit by another player). 

The only player who benefits from hitting the POD is the actual shooter at the POD who receives bonus points. Ideally, if playing as a team, game players have to work together tactically to avoid being hit by their team mates' grenade.



The flexibility of the POD means that, whereas it can be operating as a 'grenade' one day, with a simple re-programming, the next day it could be in the game as a  health bonus for anyone who manages to find it and hit it. Having a 'medic' on your team can really add to the reality of the game. This versatility gives the centre operators great capacity for variety in the games they can offer and keeps the attraction fresh for return customers. 



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POD - Programmable Ordnance Device