Storage unit types

  • Mobile Trolley - Holds 12 Blasters

    • Camo bag with pockets to keep equipment organised
    • Dual wheels on base with pull up handel for easy portability
    • Charging set fits in side pockets for easy access

FightCase  8 plus 2 Blaster720px

  • Mobile Flight Case - Holds 8 Blasters 

    • Conviniently store your Blasters between operatations
    • Secure flight cases to keep your equipment at their best
    • Padded foam lining holds Blaster separatly for easy stacking
    • Docking station for player to return Blasters
    • Inbuilt charging set, reduces untidy cables
    • Dual wheels on base with pull up handle for easy portability




Trolley - MAXBlaster Front720

  • Mobile Control Centre - Holds 30 Blasters
    • Chargers are inbuilt, only 1 wall plug required for full system
    • Operators Control, touch screen operation
    • Click here to view full range of software options
    • Score Board Rank Monitor HDMI connection
    • Printer for individual player scorecards
    • Wheeled unit with lockable breaks to stop movement









Quick and Easy instant arena

Transform any space into an instant Laser Gaming arena with the use of our flexible, stylish pop-ups.

Kids love to build their own game forts and with the use of VEQTOR's range of arena obstacles, this becomes part of the game itself.
Give teams a countdown to build their team fort, then LET THE GAMES COMMENCE!
Indoors our outdoors, the VEQTOR experience will have them coming back time and time again.


Easy Mobile Barriers

Suitable for all weather can be even left outside all year round. 

Optional customised artwork on each barrier. 
Very lightweight at 3 kg each

Fascia 780 mm x 570 mm (31” x 22.5”)

Fixed base separator 430 mm (17”) (70 mm (3”) when closed)


Fabric Pop Up Barriers

Suitable for all weather. Need to be weighted or pegged to ground in windy conditions.

Optional customised artwork and logos on each barrier.
Very lightweight at 2 Kg each
Horizontal Model: 2000 mm x 1000 mm high (6'-6" x 3'-3")
Vertical Model: 1000 mm x 2000 mm hight (3'-3" x 6'-6")
The design allows for the structure to safely collapse if player falls into the barrier (thing spring back into shape). 

 Fabric pop up Barriers


Inflatable Bunkers

Suitable for all weather. These units are inflated by way of a hand or electric powered pump. They are sealed so maintain their pressure (not permanent fan is required). Please note that depending upon temperature fluctuation of the venue (causing expansion and contraction of the internal air chambers)., top up will be required from time to time.

Repair to small holes and cuts can be performed by adhesive patch.