This laser tag system fills your clients' need to experience dynamic, interactive modern entertainment, while at the same time keeping your operation simple and costs low.

The X-Blaster is a pick-up-and-go, lightweight, Blaster-only laser game for all ages with all electronics built in so you can be making money in minutes.



HI-TECH Blaster

It is 'BLASTER ONLY' - there is no need for a traditional vest (vest can be added as an option if you want a more traditional laser tag game). CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW IT WORKS!

Inside this smart blaster are all the laser tag game elements like main processor board, IR light emitter, IR sensors, scoring display, speaker, flashing lights and the latest technology Li-ION (Lithium Ion) lightweight battery for long reliable life.

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Colourful fun

Teams are easy to distinguish with X-Blasters whether in bright light or darkened conditions.

X-Blasters are the only laser tag guns on the market which are available in arainbow of colours (other than the traditional black). 
You can have your set in red, green, blue, yellow, gray, olive, or two tone on special request (or for the traditionalist - black).

Laser Tag is a great game and fun, not a military oriented combat.


Ready in 2 minutes

Ready to use and make money straight out of the box in 2 minutes from delivery.

No set-up or installation required.


Durable & Safe

Each x-blaster has a solid state trigger (no moving parts) and is equipped withtwo handed safety interlock to prevent players from waving the blaster around. Our lightweight design and a rubber nose cone make a large improvement on safety.


MOTHERS make the Decision!!

Mothers do not want their children to be a part of military oriented combat with black, heavy, military style laser tag guns.

Our X-blasters are designed to keep both the mothers and the kids happy - lightweight, safe and colourful with LOTS of features. We know that your clients (mothers who pay the bills) will base their buying decision on the 'look and feel' of the product. They decide if their kids are going to play at your centre.

Make the decision easy -  X-Blaster laser tag is a great game and fun for all the family.


Pimp that Blaster!

The XBlaster system supports a range of optional extras for the blaster...

- Laser Tracer, showing the shots path
- Indoor Outdoor Lensing Package
- Continuous Charging Dock, allows 24 hour game play
- Single or Double Trigger option
- Unchangeable default programming setup
- New Optional Multimode (spring release 2013)
- Wired target vest
- Wired head target
- Wireless XPAQ (body targets)

Add Combat Finish and Accessories

Some sites will require a more realistic weapon look. To support this we offer a distressed combat finish. Additionally the blaster can have added to the casing:

- equipment rails to hold accessories
    (like grenade launchers, medic units, ammo loaders, etc)
- Stock Extension, making it look tough
- Shoulder Strap

Add Options to the Arena

The XBlaster system support a range of VEQTOR's interactive arena devices.

- Constant Reenergiser, re-spawn players that have been VEQTORISED (blown up)
- Constant Medic Units, restore lost health/lives
- Constant Ammo Loaders, reload spent ammunition
- Triggered Reenergiser, re-spawns when shot be team member
- Triggered Medic Units, restores health with shot by team member
- Triggered Ammo Loader, restores ammo when shot
- Bonus Targets, sends additional points to shooter when hit
- Detonator, transmits a bomb when shot
- Automated Snipers modules that shoot randomly when sensing motion
- Triggered sniper modules fire when shot by other players
- Headquarter/Base targets send bonus when shot
- Target Sound Effects module, play triggered sounds when devices hit 
- HQ Flag, allows only one capture in game

Add Mobile Barriers

Have a look at our range of mobile laser tag barriers that will help you to set up a laser tag arena anywhere. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!>>




Trial program

What if you like X-Blasters but you are not completely sure this is the right laser tag system for you?
Don't worry! We are giving you an option to try the X-Blaster system in your facility.

Contact us to learn more!


FAQ - Questions & Answers

Does the price of X-Blaster include laser?
No, X-Blaster does NOT include laser which is an option.

If you want to know why the laser is an option or have any other questions please 


Please contact us if after reading those answers you still have any questions.
We will be glad to follow up.

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Does the price of X-Blaster include laser?

No, X-Blasters do NOT include laser which is an option.

The reason to not include laser in X-Blasters is that 8 of 10 clients do NOT require it.
Laser beam is only visible in game arenas with smoke machines. X-Blasters are mostly used in simple environments at FEC's and Leisure Centeres which do not offer smoke.
So why to pay for a cool feature which will not be visible.

That is our philosophy “Offer products which are fit for purpose in a great price. Do NOT put everything inside a product and charge more for what is NOT needed”



Questions regarding all VEQTOR Laser Tag systems

How do you know you have been shot or have shot someone during the game? 
After your Blaster is hit it gives a vocal announcement “You are hit” and stops being active for 5 seconds. This is a time to escape and hide again.
You can tell you hit an opponent when his blaster's flashing lights are off and you hear his blaster 's announcement “You are hit”.

I'm afraid that having solid state trigger instead of normal trigger can be a problem for players. What do they say?
Players don't have any problem with using solid state trigger. What is even more more surprising they don't miss the traditional trigger at all. When we ask them about it they explain that it is simply because one has to do the same thing - move (pull) his finger to shoot.
So in the end solid state trigger makes no difference for the players and a huge difference for operator maintenance wise.

How long does the charge last? 
Charge takes several hours and should be done overnight.
The charging units have “Battery Guard” which stops charging after a battery is full to prevent from overcharging and destroying a battery.
X-Blasters use the best LiON batteries with NO “memory effect”.

What other items would you suggest for supplementing the experience?
Typical experience boosters:
- laser beam and smoke (for X-Blasters only)
- Laser Tag computer system for controlling game environment with:
    - active arena targets (acting as base, energizer, mine, ammo dump, air raid)
    - sound and game control,
    - results download, print and display,
    - and more...
- Vests with extra sensors and lights

Why do I need to have more blasters than players?
There is a rule in all player's equipment based games saying that you need to have more hardware sets then users. It is simply because problems with the equipment (most often the simple ones like battery not correctly loaded etc) tend to happen during the game when there is no time for checking what's wrong. All you should do is to give out another blaster from the shelf and mark the faulty one to be checked.
The last thing you want is disappointed player because his blaster is not working. To avoid it you need to have at least 20% more blasters then your maximum amount of players.

What is the lead time for Laser Tag system?
We need 4-6 weeks to build your system.
The lead time starts on receipt of your Purchase Order (signed proforma invoice) and 50% security deposit. 
The Balance is due from you at time of dispatch by way of cash, wire transfer or BACS.

What is the life cycle of the battery? 
Typical life cycle of the battery is 12 to 18 months depending on the usage.
Batteries have a typical six (6) months warranty.


More questions?

Click here and contact us if you still have any questions.

We will be glad to follow up.


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HI-TECH Blaster

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